And in the midst of it all

Darkness keeps placing its

Ugly head into the open cracks

Of the minds that God took His

Time in healing

While life’s greatest adversary

May think he’s won again

Then I heard God remind me

In the deepest part of my soul

That victory belongs to me

And He’s the same God that’s

Delivered boats from crashing

Over the deep blue seas

And the same God that kept

Me when they broke into the

Home that I found solace in

The same God that kept him off

Of my back one last time

The same God that moved my hand

Off the brake that kept me from moving

The God that never fails

And is able to do exceeding abundantly

Will keep our minds at peace

Again if we believe


for the first time

the deep dark pit

that i’ve allowed to

swallow me up

began to crack and

your light found its way

into spaces that have never

experienced anything different.

i moved my hands towards

each opening in hopes that

i could keep digging

to let in more light

but my tired hands were

ready to give up and let go


you placed your hands

close to mine and started

digging with me

telling me i’m here

with your words and showing me

through your actions.

the pressure filled walls

let out its last and final sigh

and finally i saw that our

was never in vain.

now my pit is destroyed

with your wisdom filled words

and your dirt covered hands

showed me that

you were right there all along.

you’ve demolished my walls

you’ve heard my cries

and you’ve saved parts of me

i thought were six feet deep

and i’m ready to rebuild

alongside you.


i am creative and i have created

a space to tell my story to those

who are willing to listen through

the cracks in my voice and the sound

of my shaking tongue

i have filled my mind with words

and i live through sound and song

because the peace it brings

chokes out pain and suffering

i have erased and replaced archaic

thinking with a freshly planted flower

that continues to grow with time

now that i understand my words

are not always a crime

i am a poet

and every day i choose to be

i choose to create and build

this little world of mine

come with me.


you can’t keep 

punishing yourself 

for the assumptions 

that rise from 

the dark places in 

your soul 

and you can’t keep 

pressing fast forward 

through all the

torment and pain 

your little heart has 


but keep on 

trying to understand 

that one day 

you will rise from 

the concrete cave 

they made for you 

until then 

keep on love 

keep on 


Cheeks swollen and rosy with blood

Hair full of grey and hope that the debt was paid

The bus she rode sat still

and the sidewalk he walked unevenly paved.

Red the color of our blood

And blue the color of his uniform

He filled their quota and tried to repay

Hidden behind cold orange skin and a crooked toupee

through sin and iniquity with the count of bodies

he killed that day.

Our masks adjusted to fit the new scene

counting each scar after each blessings

we remain unseen.

A nation hated us from the beginning

Had no problem with creating with us

Sleeping while making kids with us

Taking everything we had

and beating on us

appropriating our lives on a screen.

So we wear our masks

to hide behind

our lives will matter

but they dream otherwise.