Count it all

The moment you realize The pain you endured The past that sometimes haunts you The progress you’ve made The progress you will make All creates a beautiful image Surrounding your purpose Don’t stop.

All is well

Three is seen as A number that represents Righteousness and holiness And in three days The paradigm for love Showed itself within my Home and within my Heart and I’ve never felt Change so quickly Overjoyed.


you can’t keep  punishing yourself  for the assumptions  that rise from  the dark places in  your soul  and you can’t keep  pressing fast forward  through all the torment and pain  your little heart has  experienced  but keep on  trying to understand  that one day  you will rise from  the concrete cave  they made for you Continue reading “victory “


Cheeks swollen and rosy with blood Hair full of grey and hope that the debt was paid The bus she rode sat still and the sidewalk he walked unevenly paved. Red the color of our blood And blue the color of his uniform He filled their quota and tried to repay Hidden behind cold orange skinContinue reading “Hide”