Count it all

The moment you realize The pain you endured The past that sometimes haunts you The progress you’ve made The progress you will make All creates a beautiful image Surrounding your purpose Don’t stop.

All is well

Three is seen as A number that represents Righteousness and holiness And in three days The paradigm for love Showed itself within my Home and within my Heart and I’ve never felt Change so quickly Overjoyed.


the schizophrenic the inconsistent weather the quickly dying grass the wind through dead leaves the vast black shadow the broken pieces of glass the words you didn’t want to say the words you didn’t want to hear the words you didn’t want to read      

sing a song

i think my caged bird died yesterday and haven’t been in the room to see the damage but the moment i stopped hearing her sing i knew my beloved was gone and my soul went too once upon a time that bird flew high and they all knew how i felt but i’m not sureContinue reading “sing a song”