Stop & love

I lost years

Trying to live

In the tomorrow

And missing all

Of those

Fulfilling moments

And neglecting

The beautiful things

Happening around me

Yet I don’t regret

That rushing spirit

Because of the pain

Choking life itself

And now that

I’m in love with

The life I’m living

I feel an even greater

Pull to sit and savor

All that is for me

And in the midst of it all

Darkness keeps placing its

Ugly head into the open cracks

Of the minds that God took His

Time in healing

While life’s greatest adversary

May think he’s won again

Then I heard God remind me

In the deepest part of my soul

That victory belongs to me

And He’s the same God that’s

Delivered boats from crashing

Over the deep blue seas

And the same God that kept

Me when they broke into the

Home that I found solace in

The same God that kept him off

Of my back one last time

The same God that moved my hand

Off the brake that kept me from moving

The God that never fails

And is able to do exceeding abundantly

Will keep our minds at peace

Again if we believe


for the first time

the deep dark pit

that i’ve allowed to

swallow me up

began to crack and

your light found its way

into spaces that have never

experienced anything different.

i moved my hands towards

each opening in hopes that

i could keep digging

to let in more light

but my tired hands were

ready to give up and let go


you placed your hands

close to mine and started

digging with me

telling me i’m here

with your words and showing me

through your actions.

the pressure filled walls

let out its last and final sigh

and finally i saw that our

was never in vain.

now my pit is destroyed

with your wisdom filled words

and your dirt covered hands

showed me that

you were right there all along.

you’ve demolished my walls

you’ve heard my cries

and you’ve saved parts of me

i thought were six feet deep

and i’m ready to rebuild

alongside you.

old mindset

young black girls

are taught that they

must work twice as hard as

anyone else in order to

seem even half

as capable as those

who don’t work as hard

so while i feel ambitious and

driven to start again and to move

forward, i’m held back

by the weight of

a million people

who seem to be against

me even though

i know God is for me

and that’s all that should


Then the day will come

When you realize that

The only people that should

Matter are the people

Your energy gravitates toward

On its own

Without forcing a connection

Or feelings that will fade

Because time means nothing

In the midst of your discovery.