Count it all

The moment you realize The pain you endured The past that sometimes haunts you The progress you’ve made The progress you will make All creates a beautiful image Surrounding your purpose Don’t stop.

All is well

Three is seen as A number that represents Righteousness and holiness And in three days The paradigm for love Showed itself within my Home and within my Heart and I’ve never felt Change so quickly Overjoyed.

the birth of she

the world celebrates the day you were born but i will celebrate each day you live and each day you choose to love yourself and every time you clear the clutter off your desk while the clothes are still piled up in your chair the dust bunnies on your dresser hopping to your floor andContinue reading “the birth of she”

ambition flow

you can “tell from my DNA that i can help you” after looking over at the blank space but i can tell from your DNA that you are a compilation of ignorance and self-righteousness that has caused some sort of glitch in the major American system and that your DNA is full of strands andContinue reading “ambition flow”