All is well

Three is seen as A number that represents Righteousness and holiness And in three days The paradigm for love Showed itself within my Home and within my Heart and I’ve never felt Change so quickly Overjoyed.

And in the midst of it all Darkness keeps placing its Ugly head into the open cracks Of the minds that God took His Time in healing While life’s greatest adversary May think he’s won again Then I heard God remind me In the deepest part of my soul That victory belongs to me AndContinue reading


for the first time the deep dark pit that i’ve allowed to swallow me up began to crack and your light found its way into spaces that have never experienced anything different. i moved my hands towards each opening in hopes that i could keep digging to let in more light but my tired handsContinue reading “two”

Then the day will come When you realize that The only people that should Matter are the people Your energy gravitates toward On its own Without forcing a connection Or feelings that will fade Because time means nothing In the midst of your discovery.