some things are

in fact better left

unsaid for the sake

of those who can’t

hide their feelings

and those who dwell

on every little word

but when i see you

those thoughts arise

from their deep abyss

i can tell that

you wish the unsaid

could come out in

one coherent phrase

but here we are

night and day

dark and light

wanting the same thing

are you tired, love

because if you are

i am too.


you can’t keep 

punishing yourself 

for the assumptions 

that rise from 

the dark places in 

your soul 

and you can’t keep 

pressing fast forward 

through all the

torment and pain 

your little heart has 


but keep on 

trying to understand 

that one day 

you will rise from 

the concrete cave 

they made for you 

until then 

keep on love 

keep on 

there was an old 

hole filled, ripped

brown box 

that looked like 

it had been through 

the worst storm 

torn and weak 

with no hopes of 


then one day 

a wise man found 

the unwanted box 

picked her up 

decided to find 

use for her

and he did 

she was still warm 

despite her circumstances

and carried her home