old mindset

young black girls

are taught that they

must work twice as hard as

anyone else in order to

seem even half

as capable as those

who don’t work as hard

so while i feel ambitious and

driven to start again and to move

forward, i’m held back

by the weight of

a million people

who seem to be against

me even though

i know God is for me

and that’s all that should



their thoughts formed

into mine while their

words infected every

piece of my heart

without me knowing

and for years i was

convinced that this

was the only way to

live and the

only way to use my

mind was if it

came from another

set of lips that i

thought had my best

interest but

i was wrong

and these are the moments

where i wish i didn’t know

who disappointment was

because she is quickly taking

over my body tonight

although all i’m asking for

is one moment of peace

with my safe space.


I was never good at looking

Into the eyes of the person I

Was conversing with because they

Say eyes are the window to the soul

And maybe my heart knew not

To be exposed to souls that weren’t

Supposed to be active in my life

Until now when I lay down

And look right into your brown eyes

I know you are the one whom

My soul loves and it’s been you all along.

I find it so easy and so simple

To look into yours because

You told me you found your good thing

And I am pleased,

My beloved.


I watch your hands move

As if God has placed His

On top of yours

Hearing sounds from

Deep within the soul

That has been touched by

His anointing and I feel

Thankful to know you

And to hear the gift He’s

Given you week after week

To Love:

You won’t know until you feel

A fire burning in your chest

And words jumbled in your brain

That should be able to explain

All the emotions rushing through

Every inch of your body

But they won’t come out.