for the first time

the deep dark pit

that i’ve allowed to

swallow me up

began to crack and

your light found its way

into spaces that have never

experienced anything different.

i moved my hands towards

each opening in hopes that

i could keep digging

to let in more light

but my tired hands were

ready to give up and let go


you placed your hands

close to mine and started

digging with me

telling me i’m here

with your words and showing me

through your actions.

the pressure filled walls

let out its last and final sigh

and finally i saw that our

was never in vain.

now my pit is destroyed

with your wisdom filled words

and your dirt covered hands

showed me that

you were right there all along.

you’ve demolished my walls

you’ve heard my cries

and you’ve saved parts of me

i thought were six feet deep

and i’m ready to rebuild

alongside you.

its been you

the complexity of

human love

is incomprehensible

yet every night

i look at my phone

your name appears

and my heart

seems to comprehend

what this feeling

is and how much

of it i love giving

to you.

you came back

its an unknown number

and i figured

it would be you

but this time my response

is different

this time im choosing to

forgive you because

ive been holding onto

this thing for so long

and the anger

is no longer affecting

you its just

impacting me.


please ask your questions

and stimulate my

mind with your deep

rooted words

invest in this wicked

rugged heart but please

don’t let this thing die

even though we have

our separate and distant


please don’t forget

who i am

and how many times

you’ve saved me.

sea sick

i thought of you today

and i couldnt understand

why those cold nights

at sea ever reminded you

of me and how the crashing

sound of water against

your metal cage made you

think that you loved me more

but how about those other

cold nights where you chose

to put your hands where they

didnt belong because now

youre back from sea

about five years in my rearview

and the thought of you

keeps reappearing.