ambition flow

you can “tell from my DNA that i can help you”

after looking over at the blank space

but i can tell from your DNA

that you are a compilation of

ignorance and self-righteousness that

has caused some sort of glitch in the

major American system and that your

DNA is full of strands and strands of

laziness with thick incurable diseases

that forces you to think that words like

these are appropriate to say aloud.

but friend,

what you don’t know is that my DNA

is rich with excellence and laced with

the power and strength carried by those

Alabama streets or that black filled white house

with k dot reminding us that we’ve all got

loyalty and royalty inside our DNA so

next time be careful of the words

you spew because this world is ours

this world is mine

and our future

success does not

depend on


warm regards,

every day

the thought

of having to create

a new safe space

gets trapped in my


my emotions are


and i want

to tell you how

important this is

how important you

have become

you were the first person

i needed to tell the news

and i will never

thank you enough



boundaries limit us

although they should be


know this

i am worth as much as

the brothers and

sisters before me

were recognized for.

i am worth as much as

the tallest among saplings

and if i fall

you will not hear me

hit the ground

but you will hear and feel

my roots growing through

the soil beneath your feet

i am worth as much as

the susan and becky

who applied to my

position and then grew

angry because the black

girl was more qualified

than anyone else.

i am living out my fantasy

one and for all


i am back on my feet

and ready to begin again.