the melody is

easiest part of a song

everyone can hear her

and can point her out


ive always been the

harmony and although

i’m the key thats not easily


the ones that have heard

my part will understand

the notes i’ve  sung

and the life i’ve lived.


please ask your questions

and stimulate my

mind with your deep

rooted words

invest in this wicked

rugged heart but please

dont let this thing die

even though we have

our separate and distant


please dont forget

who i am

and how many times

youve saved me.



i forgot the most basic rule of driving

and i couldnt remember how to brake

the light stale red

and the blaring sirens around my head

depression can hit at any moment

but there is no telling when

for me the boulevard

almost became my grave

and i would have been

a free man.