the only thing i did

was plant a seed

i sprinkled water on it

from time to time

and tended to it

when necessary.

a year later

the plant grew

taller than i ever

expected to

and the beauty is found

in the lessons i’ve learned

and now my plant

is teaching me.


without a foundation

the house will not stand

and the bridge might cave in

but theres always a cornerstone

somewhere within

so find your stone and

plant yourself between the concrete




find her

the very moment i understood

what was meant for me

was the same moment that

freedom rang in my mind

and the liberation i fought

so long for erupted in my heart

with a burning fire of

hope and contentment.

i could write a million words

a hundred million times and still

wouldn’t be able to

find the one that best fits

this feeling right now in

this very moment

and every moment after

with you.

the creature of

bad habits take time to break

and good habits take time to form

the lesson that grows out of either one

will impact everything you do

and if those lessons have my name etched

inside those very pages

i pray that when you see all six letters

that you understand that

i’m the only one

of my kind.