you came back

its an unknown number

and i figured

it would be you

but this time my response

is different

this time im choosing to

forgive you because

ive been holding onto

this thing for so long

and the anger

is no longer affecting

you its just

impacting me.


please ask your questions

and stimulate my

mind with your deep

rooted words

invest in this wicked

rugged heart but please

don’t let this thing die

even though we have

our separate and distant


please don’t forget

who i am

and how many times

you’ve saved me.

sea sick

i thought of you today

and i couldnt understand

why those cold nights

at sea ever reminded you

of me and how the crashing

sound of water against

your metal cage made you

think that you loved me more

but how about those other

cold nights where you chose

to put your hands where they

didnt belong because now

youre back from sea

about five years in my rearview

and the thought of you

keeps reappearing.


don’t you

whats it like

to wake up

every morning

knowing you

have a twin

and i dont mean

the sign

the two faced

gemini who

cant express


but i mean

the one you


even though i’m sure

you look down

and theres a

tattoo on your

arm that should

remind you

of her.