i am creative and i have created

a space to tell my story to those

who are willing to listen through

the cracks in my voice and the sound

of my shaking tongue

i have filled my mind with words

and i live through sound and song

because the peace it brings

chokes out pain and suffering

i have erased and replaced archaic

thinking with a freshly planted flower

that continues to grow with time

now that i understand my words

are not always a crime

i am a poet

and every day i choose to be

i choose to create and build

this little world of mine

come with me.


our calls will no longer be filled with cries

as a result of  some of the lies you told to protect us.

the apologizes have exceeded their limit

and it’s time for us to begin again.

we’ve done it before, but momma, i will do it again

and again just like the Son explained to His disciple.

we will start over because you deserve the world

although you have not been good to her

and no, she has not always been good to you.

while you must pay the debt you owe

and lay in the bed you have made

i will find you the softest pillows and the biggest

blanket to comfort you while He restores your soul.

i have forgiven you and given you my heart

just as i did the day we met

despite the circumstances, ready set…

go to Him and find your peace.

you have been afraid all your life, but fear no longer

your sound mind is waiting for you

and so is your child.

im living my life, momma, i want you to live yours

i will not reject you

and He will not leave or forsake you.

so come to me and if its all too hard

i will close my eyes and intercede

momma, i did not lose you to death

and thank God. He has kept you

but life has swallowed you up and i’m ready for you

to come back to me

my arms are open.

sing a song

i think my caged bird died yesterday

and haven’t been in the room to see the damage

but the moment i stopped hearing her sing

i knew my beloved was gone and my soul went too

once upon a time that bird flew high and they all

knew how i felt but i’m not sure i did myself

when will i start feeling good

place the pressure on the highest shelf

i’ll give you my hand, precious Lord

but will you please revive my songbird

you have the glory and the power to do all things

and the fault is on me for not believing

not understanding how much life she could bring

her back was black like mine and her frail legs

were still strong like mine and she still sang to

the lilies of the valley even when i couldn’t

i want my flowers to bloom things spring


i want to hear my caged bird sing


hello again, america.

a few things concern me should you care to listen

why is this constitution only important when

you feel you can wrap your powerful hands

around the necks of the oppressed and the hips

of all those women who use their lips to try and

silence yours

why is this constitution only important when

the voss hasn’t run out but sister flint is still dry

or should i say contaminated with undrinkable

water, three years after the problem surfaced

though it’s not the first time you’ve heard the plea

why is this constitution picked and prodded

and yes i know it happens on both sides

but your people are crying out, american,

and i’m one of those people

why is your constitution conditional and seems to

work for those upper class, trickling down

woe is me i’m so sorry people who can’t seem to

recognize that the problems on the outside most

times begin because of their side but you’re blind

amnesia. dementia. bipolar. forgetful.

why is the constitution only important when

babies are murdered and the gun? she’s always

being violated, but when the rights of the human

are consistently being annihilated, your little

constitution friend decides hide

nowhere to be

found and we suffer.


my dear,

rise up from your stupor

and understand that you’re

worth more than you will

ever be able to fathom.


my dear,

they don’t know your heart

but they don’t need to

because they will never understand

the value you carry in each step.


my dear,

don’t cry and shout

but think and pray

because this too shall pass

tomorrow is a new day.


my dear,

you are loved and covered

by blood and mercy

but think and pray

constantly meditate

on the things above

and this poem.

all people

have you ever wondered why love is so universal

why some love covers but some exposes

why love looks angry or bitter or uncertain

why people still love after they’ve been hurt

or abused or beaten or left in the cold

why love looks blue and black but most times purple

her love keeps going back to him

while his love notices her only when its convenient

why love carves itself into the depths of a soul

only to leave a little damage to claim its territory

or maybe

why love looks like sun beams shining down on the pavement

why some love holds and caresses with its fingers

why people still love after thirty five years

and will forever and always

her love keeps going back to him

while his love only and always notices her

why love carves itself into the depths of a soul

only to show that love is different

and it is universal.

the birth of she

the world celebrates the day you were born

but i will celebrate each day you live

and each day you choose to love yourself

and every time you clear the clutter off your desk

while the clothes are still piled up in your chair

the dust bunnies on your dresser hopping to your floor

and the plate under your bed, two months old

i will celebrate each time you wake up before your alarm

especially when you fell asleep two hours before

and every time you step on the pen you refuse to pick up

and each day you decide to do your hair and pluck your brows

after dragging yourself out of your cold room

the world tells you to sit up straight and speak when spoken to

and i know they think it will keep you grounded

and each day you try your best to edify and love

and sometimes your words do not reflect those things

and she, they dont have to

because you are human and flawed and beautiful

and a mess and put together, an enigma

but i will celebrate you

i will celebrate all of you

happy rebirth, she, and happy life to you

because the world only takes one day to celebrate you

but i will take every day

every hour

and every second

to remind you that you are unapologetic

and you dont have to explain that

to anyone.