new. it’s all new.


it’s been awhile, folks. i’m kind of beating myself up over the fact that i haven’t kept up with my lovechild, but i think i’m ready to consistently write again. i decided to update unapologetic she and use it as not only a site for my poems, but for my thoughts. i do want to warn you, i have a problem with rambling. because i don’t know how to condense my thoughts, especially the deepest most sacred ones, these will be long. bear with me, however, simply because it’s acceptance time. by that i mean, its time to start this processing of open and honest understanding. it’s time to accept my mistakes and learn from them. it’s time to accept the all the good things that have happened, and things that will happen. this is the time where i will explain things that i’ve been ambiguous about for everyone, but more importantly, for myself. it’s a “i’m a writer and can’t express myself correctly out-loud” thing. it’s a “wow, life changed real quick real fast thing.” most importantly, it’s an easy way for me to reflect, accept, and move through this enigmatic mind of mine.

it’s taken me a few years after birthing “unapologetic she” to truly accept how these things can coexist, but my prayer and hope is that i can stay consistent because sometimes thats hard for me, but even this post is giving me life and energy… and some sort of good feeling while writing this.

thank you to the faithful few.

she is back.

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