our calls will no longer be filled with cries

as a result of  some of the lies you told to protect us.

the apologizes have exceeded their limit

and it’s time for us to begin again.

we’ve done it before, but momma, i will do it again

and again just like the Son explained to His disciple.

we will start over because you deserve the world

although you have not been good to her

and no, she has not always been good to you.

while you must pay the debt you owe

and lay in the bed you have made

i will find you the softest pillows and the biggest

blanket to comfort you while He restores your soul.

i have forgiven you and given you my heart

just as i did the day we met

despite the circumstances, ready set…

go to Him and find your peace.

you have been afraid all your life, but fear no longer

your sound mind is waiting for you

and so is your child.

im living my life, momma, i want you to live yours

i will not reject you

and He will not leave or forsake you.

so come to me and if its all too hard

i will close my eyes and intercede

momma, i did not lose you to death

and thank God. He has kept you

but life has swallowed you up and i’m ready for you

to come back to me

my arms are open.

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