hello again, america.

a few things concern me should you care to listen

why is this constitution only important when

you feel you can wrap your powerful hands

around the necks of the oppressed and the hips

of all those women who use their lips to try and

silence yours

why is this constitution only important when

the voss hasn’t run out but sister flint is still dry

or should i say contaminated with undrinkable

water, three years after the problem surfaced

though it’s not the first time you’ve heard the plea

why is this constitution picked and prodded

and yes i know it happens on both sides

but your people are crying out, american,

and i’m one of those people

why is your constitution conditional and seems to

work for those upper class, trickling down

woe is me i’m so sorry people who can’t seem to

recognize that the problems on the outside most

times begin because of their side but you’re blind

amnesia. dementia. bipolar. forgetful.

why is the constitution only important when

babies are murdered and the gun? she’s always

being violated, but when the rights of the human

are consistently being annihilated, your little

constitution friend decides hide

nowhere to be

found and we suffer.

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