“Summer Landing”

“The flowers, they seems sweeter
This morning light
I have kept my heart easy
Breathing in this fine air
Two summers ago
It was heavy and deep
now I feel the freedom of letting go
It is a different sun
A different air
Fresher and alive
I have knitted my skin with colors
For the sky to see me
Oh how I wish they would look back
I have no more fears left
No more heartbreaks
Just a promise of happiness
Tucked in my pockets
Held safely in His hands
In this summer landing
I run fast and steady
Not looking back to what once was
But looking ahead towards light
And breath and sea
There is more out there
There is more”

Pablo Verzosa

I wish I would have said these things while you were living. You inspired me. You inspired me to write while you were alive, and you still inspire me in your physical absence. I miss you. I miss the sporadic poems that came out of late nights and hospital visits. I hold our message threads close to my heart. I want to continue to  in your footsteps and pursue this writing thing for as long as I can. Thank you for always being my motivation. I love you. I miss you. Rest in Love.


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