two inches away from one of the best and

worst things that might have ever happened

even though i know what i’m getting into

no matter what, i’m addicted and drawn to

this feeling of wonder and focus with a side of

young, love struck emotions flowing through

too many parts of me

with one of the most amazing humans this

ornate world will ever know.

i know that God gives

His toughest battles to

the strongest soldiers

but the story of one in

particular raised up her

own army of fighters to

conquer an ongoing war

of seven long cold years

only to prove to herself

that she could

and as soon and she thought

the battle was over

the white flag was still on the

ground and the news

traveled far and wide

revealing the truth of

the life she thought she

left behind

and her control center

was dark and cold

once again

and she



the tattooed olive branch

on the side of my hip

carved into a discrete place that no one

will be able to see

but most days i wish

to reveal that side piece

and display the symbol of a new beginnings

a different part of my body

to remind me that the dove

made it back to the ark

and i will too

i always do.

when you force perfection

into your beautiful brain

it will choose to choke and

wrap its evil head around

each blood vessel

while sending signals of

doubt and weakness

to every intricate part.

be careful when creating

your standards

because perfection

isnt unattainable and now

that you know

strive for goodness.


He waited for me to

understand my purpose

so that i was able to use

my gifts for His glory

and the moment i did

the glow on my face

and glo in my life

shed it’s beautiful light

on those around me

and anyone that came

in contact with me

saw His love

and not just my