there are things we value

more than we value ourselves

and if we took those same

sentiments we feel towards

the temporary

and placed in the hands

of what could last forever

we would know

we would just know.

be careful

when the night is over

and everything has subsided

who do you run to

and whose arms will you

choose to hide in

to feel safe in

and will those arms

hold all of you and the

sum of your problems

but more importantly

will those arms eventually

grow weak

with each secret you expose

in turn

exposing you.

let’s move forward

and soon enough

those you love will

understand how hard

you’ve worked to get

to this place of peace

and having days where

things feel low

are acceptable in this

process you have created

to ensure fulfillment and


you are moving forward

faster than most

so share your progress

with those who you love

and those that love you

will accept it.