So long

Every time you leave

A prayer reaches heaven

Asking to keep all evil

Away from you

Because I know this cold world

But I know you much better

It’s simply not time yet.

So please drive safe and

Make it home to your space.


It happens easily

When it’s right next to you

Arms tight and legs intertwined

I’m sure I’m not the most pleasant

Or the most graceful

And I wish I could change it

But thank you for accepting

The most raw form of me

The most uncontrolled form of me

All that is me.

Just keep holding on

And one day

I’ll just have to

Join you.

There are seeds inside of you

Full of insight and wisdom

That is to be shared with

Others far and wide

You’ve already planted some

Without even realizing

And gave them the nutrients

To grow

Now it’s time to plant again

Some gardens out there need

Your tender love and care

So don’t hold back

You have all the tools

It’s time.

Then the day will come

When you realize that

The only people that should

Matter are the people

Your energy gravitates toward

On its own

Without forcing a connection

Or feelings that will fade

Because time means nothing

In the midst of your discovery.